Film NZ’s Behind the Scenes Images of NZ-Set Dino Charge Episodes

In the wake of the press release making rounds in New Zealand regarding two episodes of Power Rangers Dino Charge, having two episodes set in New Zealand (episodes 17, “World Famous! (In New Zealand)” and “Deep Down Under”), Film NZ’s Power Rangers showcase page has added a new section showcasing a few behind the scenes images from filming of those two episodes.

The most recent episodes’ adventures centre on a visit to the home country of the Black Power Ranger, Kiwi Chase Randall (played by New Zealand actor James Davies). Recognisable landmarks include Auckland’s Sky Tower, Piha and Takapuna beaches, and a dolphin sighting from the Waiheke Ferry. (Source)

While explaining that Dino Charge is the 10th Power Rangers season to be filmed in New Zealand, and giving a list of just a few of the kiwi actors and crew members working on the show, the press release goes on to explain just how important the New Zealand landscape is to Power Rangers from executive producer, Judd “Chip” Lynn as he explains:

that the diversity of locations Auckland has to offer is another big plus. “We don’t just need cityscapes for Power Rangers, we need forests, volcanoes, hills, beaches – things that aren’t always easy to find near an LA studio.”

However, despite filming in New Zealand for 12 years, it’s been the first time the show has acknowledged New Zealanda and a few of it’s landmarks:

Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, which has supported the production through its Screen Auckland team, says having the Power Rangers’ production based in Auckland for more than a decade has provided a major boost to the region’s global reputation for fast turnaround TV expertise.

“Saban’s Power Rangers has provided great career development opportunities for Auckland crew through the years, boosting their level of expertise and helping Auckland land other important international productions.”

“It is fantastic to have Power Rangers Dino Charge actively featuring Auckland in the season’s storyline and showcasing our beautiful city to fans around the world.”

Below are a few filming photos from the two episodes in production showcased on Film NZ’s website and Facebook page. While the first season of Dino Charge is coming to an end in the United States, fans still have the second season, Dino Super Charge, airing in early 2016, to get another look at the New Zealand landscape.

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There are a couple images below (with a few from their FB page as well), but you can view more here:

Also, check out their interview with executive producer, Judd “Chip” Lynn:

Dino Charge facts from Film NZ’s Facebook page.

Did you know? On the Auckland Power Rangers Dino Charge shoot…
-They used 560 metres of spandex and made 160 Ranger suits.
-46,100 cups of coffee were drunk
-22392 meals were served


“Auckland’s skyline overwhelms the Rangers in World Famous (in New Zealand)


“The Rangers plot their next move in Deep Down Under”


“A little rain isn’t enough to stop shooting on Deep Down Under”


Looks like Auckland’s skyline might upstage Kirk Torrance as palaeontologist, Dr. Runga in the latest episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge.” – FilmNZ Facebook


Even palaeontologists sometimes need help figuring out a new app” – FilmNZ Facebook


Big shout outs to the NZ cast and crew who worked on Power Rangers: Dino Charge. 96% of the crew and 95% of the cast are New Zealanders” – FilmNZ Facebook