Boom! Studios’ MMPR Comics to Release in January

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Update 10/8/15

Source: Bleeding Cool

From New York Comic Con’s panel for Boom! Studios, we have some more news about the Power Rangers comics coming in January. The SDCC one page comics will be available in January along with issue #0. Issue #0 will be drawing the comics and as a bonus we get new Bulk and Skull comics by artist Steve Orlando:

Hendry Prasetya will be joining writer Kyle Higgins in 2016 for a new POWER RANGERS comic ; and writer Steve Orlando (DC’s Midnighter) will be writing back-up stories focusing on the characters Bulk and Skull.

Also, at the panel, Higgins announced, that the comics will mainly focus on the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver. Tweet from @RangerCrew who attended the panel:

Update: 9:49pm

Higgins further went on to explain on Rangerboard in response to fans comments about his Tommy comment:

Yeah. Actually, I made that crack about Tommy clearly being the best ranger as a joke. Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t seem to translate that well in text ha

I’m telling a serialized story. I’ll be focusing on everyone. Don’t worry

Source: Entertanment Weekly

For those of who weren’t able to get the San Diego Comic Con exlusives of the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics from Boom! Stuiods, you now have your chance. It will be available in early 2016 with new content. After it’s initial announcement, on the 20th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, many wondered when these comics would be up for sale and now we have our answer. Issue #0 will be released in January.

The series will be penned by Kyle Higgens, who is known for his work on popular DC titles such as Batman Eternal and Nightwing, with an artist to be named at a later date. The #0 issue will also include a short story written by Mairghread Scott (Transformers: Windblade, Toil and Trouble) and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss (Translucid) that was released as part of a promotional campaign during this year’s San Diego Comic Con. reports the official first releases will start to roll out in March 2016.