Shuki Levy Creates “Wonderfish Media” Production Company

Source: Variety

For all you fans of Tribe of the Wild out there wondering what is happening with the show, this may be the next step to the show being put through production. Shuki Levy, Tori Avey, and Mike Pellegrino are forming a Los-Angeles based multiplaform production comany called “Wonderfish Media.”

After news of the 2013 pilot made by Shuki Levy (co-creator of Saban Entertainment and the “Power Rangers”also a prolific composer having created the theme songs to composer, having written the music for dozens of children’s shows since the 1980s including “Digimon: Digital Monsters,” “Inspector Gadget” and “Power Rangers in Space.”), information has been few and far between. A trailer was found online a few months ago–before it was taken down–and a short animation clip of some of the creatures found in the “Tribe of the Wild” world can be viewed.

But “Tribe of the Wild” isn’t the only thing coming from Wonderfish.

Wonderfish, based in the mid-Wilshire area, has begun development on a pair of projects: the TV series “Tribe of the Wild,” in which five teens on an island in Puget Sound deal with extraterrestrials invading the Earth, and the animated film “Fuzzbunz,” starring aliens with hearts of gold.

Tribe of the Wild was created back in 2013 and was part of a first-look production deal with Relativity TV. Back in July, Relativity Media filed chapter 11 bankruptcy leaving Wonderfish open to obtain the property.

Maybe we’ll be hearing more news of the sci-fi action adventure series sooner than we think.

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