[REVIEW] New Nick.com Game – “Power Rangers Dino Charge: Unleash the Power 2”

You can play the game here: http://www.nick.com/games/power-rangers-dino-charge-unleash-the-power-2.html

Read my review of the first game here: https://thepowerscoopblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/review-nick-com-game-power-rangers-dino-charge-unleash-the-power/

This review has some image spoilers for the show. Continue if you want to see the review for the game and don’t mind the spoilers.

Collect energems, build up your zords, and defeat the Vivix with the Power Rangers

The first nick.com game, Power Rangers Dino Charge: Unleash the Power was first mentioned in the official press release for Dino Charge, which gave us the premiere date of the show as February 7th. Now there is the sequel to the first game, Unleash the Power 2.

At the beginning of this game, you start out with the choice of using the Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Gold, Graphite, and (female) Purple Rangers. (Notice that Aqua, Talon, and Silver aren’t shown, somewhat confirming those Rangers to appear in the second season, and female purple appears in the first season). Unlike the last game, no code is needed to unlock these Rangers. There are five levels to choose from in comparison to the game’s initial 3, and this first level is called “Arctic.”

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UTP2 - 1

UTP2 -2

This game has the new task to read the energy readings to find the energems. The controls are still the same      but now you’re also have the objective in the game to find the energems. Just like the last game you have the achievements you can unlock in this game, but it seems you can only access this through the paused screen while you’re in the game.

UTP2 -3

UTP2 -4

The controls to this game is the same: Left and right arrow keys move you left and right. The up arrow key helps you jump, while the down arrow key is to use your zord to defeat enemies once you raise the gauge on the far right in the upper left hand corner. This gauge shoes what Ranger you are using, how much energy you have left, and how much you have in your “zord gauge.” The bar at the bottom of this indicates how much power you have with each of your hits. To hit/swing your sword, press the space bar. The upper right hand corner pauses the game.

UTP2 -6

As you go through the game, you face off against the Vivix who are unarmed, have blaster, and have shields. Once you get your “zord gauge”, you’ll get a message that says “Zord Ready” before the picture of the zord will appear at the side. To use the zord, and blast the enemies in your next ranger, press the down arrow key. For the Purple Ranger, this zord is the Plesio Zord.

Now, notice the gauge in the top right corner. This is the energem reading for the game. These are easy to spot as they are just pulsating spots. All you have to do fill this bar is to step into the pulsating spot and it’ll fill light blue.

UTP2 -7

Once the bar is filled a banner saying “energem nearby” will appear before taking you to a new screen stating “energem detected.” On this screen you can use a hammer or a pick to free the energem of the ice it’s encased in. You just have to click repeatedly to clear the ice. But, be careful because you can damage the energem. A banner will come across the screen indicating the damage it took and where; cracks will appear on the screen. You only have a short amount of time to do so before this “mini game” ends.

The energem will be inspect, checked to see how “pristine” it’ll be and give you a score. I got +1433 added. Then it takes you to this screen.


UTP2 -9

You have the option to find more energems, upgrade your zord, or return to the map. Click finding energem will take you back to the start of the level and/or the last checkpoint you reached.  Upgrade zord takes you to the “zord bay” to allow you to take the points you get from freeing the energem to upgrade your zord for the boss battles.


You use the amount of points you get by click and holding the plus button until you are out of points. When you click drive you get the chance to test out the new upgraded zord. Once you run out of energy testing out the zord against the boss in this level (Ice Age) then you start the level all over again. Clicking “go back” takes you back to the start of the level so you’re using the zord to defeat the boss at the end of the battle.

Summary: This game is more difficult than the last one, and with the inclusion of the zord bay and how you defeat the monsters this time around, it makes it more entertaining to play. At the end of each level, however, you don’t get a progress report. The finding of the energem and upgrading the zord was quickly addicting and a great addition to this game. I also like that you have more rangers to use right at the start. The last game made it that you needed to play other Power Rangers games on nick.com to unlock the other Rangers. Now everyone can play what Ranger they want.Once again, the controls are easy, but there are a few glitches where you still fall through the levels of the game. The look of the arctic level with the frozen fossils in the background is great and a nice touch.

I give the game a 4/5