Power Rangers 2017 Film to Shoot in Vancouver in 2016?

We might have a filming location on our hands for the new Power Rangers 2017 movie. After the release date was pushed back from July 22, 2016, to January 13, 2017 many fans took to discussing two important components of the movie: who would be cast and possible filming locations.

Lately there have been rumors that went around that Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games), who has previously starred in a Lionsgate film, had been approached to take part in the movie. His representation was reached out to and this rumor was debunked. For now. Yhings can change very quickly in Hollywood. Most recently, Annalynne McCord (90210), has also  been rumored to take part (credit to Rangerboard member GoseiRed) in this film in the role of Rita.

As little news of this movie has been released, apart from the recent early look at character descriptions, many have wondered where this movie will be filmed. Suggestions such as New Zealand (where the show is filmed–and the show has regularly been referred to as a movie every time casting calls go out for the new season), Georgi,a, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Those who have stated that filming willmost likely take place in Vancouver, Canada, may very well be right.

It looks like the Power Rangers movie will be filming Vancouver in January 2016

On Location Vacations (OLV) (tagged in the tweet) specializes in posting the filming locations of TV and movies alike for productions such as Arrow, Chicago PD, Daredevil, Empire, and more. They also accept tips from those in the area to where filming is taking place.

Update 9/11/15:

Filming is expected to start January 18th and wrap April 12th next year (dates subject to change) with the production code SHIRT via today’s Directors Guild of Canada-BC Production List.

Source: yvrshoots

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