Dino Charge Episodes Return August 22, 2015

UPDATE 8/5/15: Dino Charge return date has been updated. It was previously revealed at SDCC 2015 that new episodes would return on August 29th, but is now returning a week earlier on August 22nd. Thanks to BurgundyRanger

UPDATE 8/7/15: Accompanying the news of Dino Charge returning August 22, DenofGeek exlusively revealed the new trailer for the returning episodes. Click the link to watch.

Well, this hiatus was shorter than we all anticipated. After the 8th episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge, entitled “Double Ranger, Double Danger” premiered in April, the show went on a hiatus. Many fans don’t like that the hiatus is put in the (near) middle of the season as it loses the build up in the episodes.

In this case, the hiatus occurred after the first part of a three part arc. The first part being “Double Ranger, Double Danger”, the second part, episode nine, called “When Logic Fails”, and the third part, episode ten, called “The Royal Rangers.” You can view the episode summaries for these three episodes here.

Despite this hiatus, we now have a return date! Dino Charge will start airing new episodes again August 29th, 2015 with episode nine, “When Logic Fails.”

Via Power Rangers twitter:

This is a shorter hiatus than we have previously seen in the past four years. Fans of Dino Charge weren’t as receptive to this hiatus due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews of each episode and the season so far as a whole.

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