Saban Brands’s Glitter Force Poster

Updated 1/3/16 – Character and voice actor

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It was back in 2013 when we first learned that Saban Brands had registered a trademark for something called Gangnam Girls, a new superhero TV show for girls. License Mag described the new series as

a music and fashion-driven animated series about five teenage girls chosen to protect Earth and a fanstastical land. (Source)

five preteen girls who form a superhro squad, the Glitter Force, and must defend Earth from evil fairy tale villains (Source)

Many believed this sounded like an English dub of the anime, Smile! Pretty Cure. Over time the name has change from “Gangnam Girls” to “Glitter Force” however not much information has been known apart from trademark extensions being granted.

Glitter Force News:



Names very well could be changed for dubbing in other languages.