Dino Charge Production Design Images

Tracey Collins of Perception Projects Ltd worked as a Production Designer for the 22nd and 23rd seasons of Power Rangers: Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. Like her previous works, she has posted images of her time working on the show.

Here are a couple of the Dino Charge images she has posted from her time working on the show. Click on the images to make them larger. There is a spoiler image at the very bottom.

You can view all of  her work here: http://www.traceycollins.net.nz/filmandtv.html.

Dino Lab - Concept to Show Extension

Extension – Dino Lab
Ranger Base Framing Scale

Concept – Scale of Dino Lab

Concept Visual Lab Entrance

Dino Lab Entrance

Concept Sketch - Dino Bite Cafe

Concept Sketch – Dino Bite Cafe

Sledge's Ship Set - Concept Chair and Elevation

Concept – Sledge’s Chair and Elevation

Trasport Pod Concept

Concept – Transport Bay and Pod

Transport Pod Concept

Concept – Transport Pod

Sledge's Ship Concept

Concept – Sledge’s Ship

Plesio Zord

Plesio Zord