Saban Brands Headed to NATPE Europe June 22-25th, 2015

Saban Brands is headed to NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) Europe for the first time. (They had attended with Marvista Entertainment in 2011, as well as had Super Megforce presented with Marvista, however, it is my understanding that this is the first time the two companies are attending separately). This even will be held this year in Prauge, June 22-25th. Saban Brands will be attending the show to showcase their properties to European markets.

The roster of 120 companies in town selling programming, from 25 countries, includes about 20 first-time exhibitors. The new attendees include Gaumont International Television, HoHo Rights, Onza Distribution, Orange Smarty, Saban Brands and the Shanghai Media Group. (Source)

Booth Number: M12 Presenting:

  • Power Rangers Dino Charge
    • The iconic and evergreen worldwide kids live action franchise returns with this brand new ‘DINO CHARGED’ action.
  • Digimon Fusion
    • When a human boy is transported into the Digital World along with his two best friends, he encounters a strange group of “Digimon” creatures.
  • Julius Jr.
    • The show follows Julius Jr and his playful friends who use equal doses of imagination and inventive spirit to help each other over various challenges!

You can find the Saban Brands booth on the map below.