Director in Neogtians for New Power Rangers Reboot

Credit goes to KentuckyJam for alerting TokuNation about this tidbit of news for the new reboot:

We’ve got some news about the new MMPR Reboot. For a while, no new tidbit of information has surface about the movie since the announcement that Roberto Orci had left his position working on the film. With the movie coming out July 22nd, 2016, the new movie has to start filming soon and fans wonder about a director, the cast, or if the movie is even going to be pushed back.

Now, we’ve got some ideas about who could be director. The Wrap got exclusive word that Saban Brands and Lionsgate are in talks with director, Dean Israelite. For those of you who don’t know, Dean has previously directed “Project Almanac.”

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Project Almanac" - Red Carpet

Israelite is an up-and-coming filmmaker who is a huge fan of the franchise and aims to bring a fresh voice to the property. He has been courted for several tentpoles around Hollywood since but he has turned them all down while waiting for the right one.

What do you think of Dean as the possible director of the MMPR Reboot film?