FilmNZ’s Dino Charge Behind the Scenes Photos

In the wake of the press release making rounds in New Zealand regarding New Zealand actor James Davies playing one of the core 5 Rangers (Dino Charge Black, Chase Randall), Film NZ’s production showcase page has revamped their Power Rangers sections.

While explaining that Dino Charge is the 10th Power Rangers season to be filmed in New Zealand, it also states that other seasons such as Ninja Storm, Operation Overdrive, and RPM were filmed there as well. Along with this information was some never before seen pictures of behind the scenes of Dino Charge.

What we’ve learned (Source 1, Source 2):

  • While the series is filmed in New Zealand, the fictional city, in this season it’s called Amber Beach, is thought to be set in California. In Dino Charge, a storyline will have the Rangers travelling to New Zealand with two episodes officially being set in New Zealand
  • Core New Zealand Cast: James Davies, Jarred Blakiston, Reuben Turner, Ryan Carter
  • Directors for Dino Charge: Charlie Haskell, Jonathan Brough, Peter Salmon, Mike Smith, Peter Burger, Karl Zwicky, Yuji Noguchi, Masaki Onishi, Michael Duignan

There are a couple below, but you can view them all here (scroll to the bottom):

Executive Producer and Writer, Judd Lynn with Brennan Mejia (Tyler Navarro, Dino Charge Red)

Yvette Parsons and James Davies behind  the scenes of “Breaking Black”

Brennan Mejia doing a stunt on set

Yoshi Sudarso (Koda, Dino Charge Blue) and Claire Blackwelder (Kendall Morgan) on set. (Looks like it’s for the Christmas special)