Learn More about the Characters of Dino Charge on PowerRangers.com

Some new info from PowerRangers.com. Credit to MegaPowerBrasil for the heads up.

This page isn’t fully loaded with content and the layout of it isn’t completed, but we got to learn a little bit more about the villains and the Keeper from this page. Plus, a new image of Claire Blackwelder as Kendall.

Sledge: Sledge is a mean-spirited bounty hunter who will do anything to capture the precious Energems. He knows that if he can get his hands them, their powers will make him invincible, rich, and famous. Sledge’s spaceship is filled with the “wanted” monsters from across the universe, to which he promises freedom if they help him destroy the Rangers and capture the Energems

Fury: Fury is a hotheaded warrior who with no code of honor. Sledge won him in a card game, but saw little value in the fighter and locked him away. Fury wants to destroy the Rangers and retrieve the Energems only so he can regain his freedom

Poisandra: The scheming Poisandra is Sledge’s bride-to-be. They were originally scheduled to wed as soon as he captured the Energems, but as usual, Sledge’s greed got the best of him and what was originally supposed to be a 3-hour tour has turned into 65 million years of chasing after them!

Wrench: A mechanical soldier who knows more about tools than combat, Wrench is Sledge’s go-to man for all of his spaceship repairs.

Keeper: Keeper is a reptile-like creature, tasked with the important responsibility of guarding the Energems. He is the spiritual guide and moral compass that reminds the Rangers why they fight

Here’s the image of Claire.

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