[SPOILERS] Probability of Future Rangers

1. Alexander (Alex) Walker

In this past weekend’s showing of Dino Charge episode 2, “Past, Present and Fusion” we met not only the Green Ranger Riley, played by Michael Taber, who was missing from episode 1, but we also got to meet his mom, played by NZ actress Toni Potter, but his brother, Matt, played by Alex.


 http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/powerrangers/images/2/2f/Kyoryu-gray2.png/revision/latest?cb=20140127004527About Matt Griffin (Graphite Ranger):
Gray Ranger (Ryan’s, name changed to Riley, older brother).  At 18 years-old, he’s a cool and confident cowboy, complete with jeans, boots, and his favorite old hat.

He’s warm and funny, with a charming wink.  He grew up on a ranch and loves the outdoors.  Matt is a bit old-school in his thinking. While he doesn’t quite understand Ryan, Matt’s sure that his job as an older brother is to protect his younger brother.

(Source: http://blog.samuraicast.com/power-rangers-dino-charge-character-breakdowns/#ixzz3Rulx3Lzc)


  • He appeared in the episode as Riley’s brother. The Dino Charge characters have been sticking pretty close to the breakdowns so far. If there have been any changes to this, it’s a “wait and see” situation.
  • He wears a grey hat and grey t-shirt (shown below)
  • Much like Claire Blackwelder, after he was found to be playing Riley’s brother, he appeared in a cast member’s instagram photo


Note: This rules out David DeLautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) being the Graphite Ranger like many believed/wanted to happen. (Picture that started it all).

Chance of being the Graphite Ranger:

Impossible—-Not Likely—-Hard to Tell—-Likely—-Very Likely

UPDATE 6/6/15: It has been proven that Alex will NOT be playing the Graphite Ranger at this moment in time. Furthermore, the Graphite Ranger will appear in Dino Charge season 1.