New Dino Charge Cast Member – Alexander Walker

Alexander Walker played Riley’s brother, “Matt Griffin” in Dino Charge episode 2, “Past, Present, and Fusion”. Many know that in the casting sides, Matt Griffin is listed as the Graphite Ranger.
Johnson & Laird: Profile

Role: Matt Griffin, (Possibly Graphite Ranger)

However, we will not be seeing his character for a little while. Filming photos wise, it is uncertain that Graphite will appear in the first season. Stay tuned to the show to find out. Alex’s other acting role (on a TV screen) was for the NZ show, “When We Go to War” as Captain Huntly. He has appeared in many theatrical productions.

UPDATE 6/6/15: It has been proven that Alex will not be playing the Graphite Ranger at this moment in time. It’s also confirmed that the Graphite Ranger will be appearing in Dino Charge sesason 1.