[REVIEW] Nick.com Game – “Power Rangers Dino Charge: Unleash the Power”

https://i0.wp.com/nick.mtvnimages.com/nick/promos-thumbs/games/power-rangers/dino-charge-unleash-the-power/prdc-unleash-the-power-4x3.jpgPlay the Game Here:

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Updated 3/12/15: 2nd level now available

“Sledge and his army of Vivix will stop at nothing to gain the power of the Energems. It’s up to you to help the Power Rangers defeat them”

The nick.com game, Power Rangers Dino Charge: Unleash the Power was first mentioned in the official press release for Dino Charge, which gave us the premiere date of the show as February 7th. (The first episode, Powers of the Past, is now available to watch on Nick.com and the Nick app. You can read my review of the first episode here.)

This game was originally going to be released February 16th, but is now playable at Nick.com at the link above.

At the beginning of this game, you only start out with the choice of using the Red or Pink Ranger. Both Rangers are set at level 1, and during the game you level up the Ranger. The other 9 rangers are shadowed out, and you unlock them as the game goes on, this gives you a total of 11 Rangers in all to be played. (For those who watched Kyoryuger, the sentai Dino Charge is based on, it’s looking more likely that Navy/Deathryuger will be adapted in the show).

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At the left and right at the bottom of the screen are your achievements and progress pages. On the achievements page, you’ll have the first couple listed. Click on the image and drag your mouse downwards to see the other achievements you can unlock. (You can see the achievements here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The achievements in gold are the ones you’ve completed or are in progress of completing, grayed ones aren’t started. You can see your progress during the game before you start a level and after you finish it. It will show you which Rangers you have unlocked, what level they’re at and what level are your health, attack, zord power, and more

(To unlock Raners: On the choose a Ranger screen, click on the Ranger with a progress bar undeath and a “keypad” will pop up. Click the letters to put in the code.
For Blue: Koda
For Black: Para
For Green: Dino
You can also unloeck other characters by playing the Megaforce and Super Megaforce game.)

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Once the game starts you find that you are starting at level 1 in the Caverns, which in show is called “The Sampson Caves”. The screen is split into three indicating how long the game is. In each area, you have 5 “mini levels” to make your way through, much like how the MMPR: The Movie game was set up as well as the classic such as Super Mario World. As you make progress through the game, and unlock each “mini level” you can use your mouse to click on where you want to start.

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In between each shot, will be a load screen such a s the one below. Unlike what I thought, the background in fact, does not change color to correspond with the color Ranger you choose.

The controls to this game is pretty simple: Left and right arrow keys move you left and right. The up arrow key helps you jump,while the down arrow key is to use your zord to defeat enemies once you raise the gauge on the far right in the upper left hand corner. This gauge shoes what Ranger you are using, how much energy you have left, and how much you have in your “zord gauge.” The bar at the bottom of this indicates how much power you have with each of your hits. To hit/swing your sword, press the space bar. The upper right hand corner pauses the game.

With the game paused, you have the option to resume the game, to turn the volume down, to see the controls of the game, and to quit. On the title screen, the Dino Charge instrumental theme is played. While playing the game, you hear a more heavier sounding instrumental of the theme as well.

As you go through the game, you face off against the Vivix who are unarmed, have blaster, and have shields. Once you get your “zord gauge”, you’ll get a message that says “Zord Ready” before the picture of the zord will appear at the side. To use the zord, and blast the enemies in your next ranger, press the down arrow key. For the Red Ranger, this zord is the TRex.

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These controls will be a little tricky to use. Often times, I used the zord without meaning to as I’m used to the down button being a way to duck. The blasts shot out of the Vivix cannons come in either small green bursts, or heat seeking missile types. They are a bit annoying to get through, but the great part of this game is that you don’t really die! You just “respawn” at a spot that you just shortly passed. In the game this is called a retire. You can also get a retire by jumping through a gap between two levels.

The Vivix do tend to bunch up on each other, giving you no space to go and making it hard to attack them at times, and often being the reason why I have multiple retires.  While going through the game, to regain some of your health and to level up your Ranger, you collect the green, light pink, and orange energems floating on the stage.  Green is for health, pink is for experience points to level up your Ranger, and orange is for your zord. They vary in size, and some are hard to jump to, but they’ll help in the long run.

At the end of each “mini level” you get the results of your run before continuing on to the next portion “Cavern 02”.

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At the end of the first level, you face off against Iceage, the villain found in Dino Charge episode 1, “Powers of the Past.” You start off this portion with three health energems floating at the start of the level. Iceage will start at the bottom. Jump over to him and start attacking away. If you have a zord saved up, use it here, otherwise with all your attacks, you can store up another one to help you out. Iceage can disappear from one spot and reappear in another. You’re going to want to be careful of the falling icy stalactites that can cause you damage as they fall, not only in this area but through the levels as you get closer to the end of “Cavern 05” where Iceage is waiting for you.

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To the left is Iceage’s health bar. Deplete it and you get a little banner that says “You Win” as Iceage explodes. Your Ranger pauses for a pose and you get to your results page.

Summary: All in all, from how much I’ve played. This game gets addicting pretty quickly in the goal of you moving on to the next level to get out of the caves. The controls are easy to follow, although you can easily slip up and choose the wrong movement than you intended. The Vivix, especially the one with the shield, are difficult enough to move through, making this game fairly challenging. The background music could change from time to time, but if you’re a fan of the theme, you’ll be listening to it with no problem and wishing PRUnreleased could capture the sound. The graphics are great with my favorite touch being how the zord  works in the game.

I give the game a 3.5/5