Dino Charge’s Keeper, Sledge, and Poisandra

Thanks to ComicBook.com we’ve got a little bit more information of the new characters coming this season! Introducing, The Keeper, Sledge, and Sledge’s fiancee, Poisandra! (Picture left to right)

Power Rangers

Lining up to aide and challenge this season’s Power Rangers are The Keeper, Poisandra, and Sledge. In Power Rangers Dino Charge, a prehistoric cache of 10 powerful “Energems” become the target of Sledge, an intergalactic bounty hunter, and his fiance, Poisandra. Protecting the gems is the Keeper, who must enlist the Power Rangers’ help in finding the gems and keeping the alien enemies at bay.

As the Power Rangers’ guiding force, Keeper is the reptile-like creature tasked with the responsibility of guarding the highly sought after Energems, which provide the Power Rangers Dino Charge with their unique set of abilities. An ancient being who has protected the Energems since prehistoric time, Keeper will also be a moral and spiritual compass for the Power Rangers during their times of struggle.

And the Rangers will certainly struggle, as the season’s villains, Sledge and Poisandra, will stop at nothing to find the Energems and destroy the Power Rangers. A selfish bounty hunter with aspirations for invincibility, fame, and riches, Sledge is the least-worthy person in the universe to obtain the gems. Still, his foul ways don’t seem to phase the equally despicable Poisandra, his partner and fiancee with selfish intentions of her own. (Source)

What do you think of Poisondra’s name? Are you excited for Dino Charge? The premiere episode “Powers of the Past” will be put on Nick.com and the Nick App tomorrow.

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