The Power Scoop’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

While The Power Scoop has been up and running after  hiatus since June we’ve now reached (as of this post) 22, 873 views, 94 posts, and 483 followers of the blog. Here are the top 10 posts of 2014.

Thank you for checking out the site in 2014 and we’ll bring you more news in the year to come.


1. Dino Charge Filming Photos –
September 6, 2014: Here’s where you’ll find all the behind the scenes photos during production of Power Rangers Dino Charge. – Updated 12/13/14

2. Power Rangers on Nationa Geographic Documentary –
July 6, 2014: Starting Monday night at 9pm on National Geographic the special “The 90s: The Last Greatest Decade” aired it’s first of showing of a three night special chronicling the major events of the 90s. Power Rangers, as fans know, premiered in 1993, and instantly rose to popularity, becoming a pop icon, that people still talk about today. The fact that the show has aired (and is currently airing) 21 seasons, and now has a reboot movie coming, it’s no surprise that it has some appearance in this documentary

3. Get to Know the Cast of Power Rangers Dino Charge –
August 25, 2014: This past Saturday, at Power Morphicon, we got the announcement of the new cast members for Power Rangers Dino Charge.  In less than a week, Camille Hyde (Pink), Brennan Mejia (Red), Michael Taber (Green), Yoshi Sudarso (Blue), and Kiwi native James Davies (Black) will be heading to New Zealand to start production on the 22nd season of Power Rangers. Now’s your chance to get to know the cast before they grace your TV screens in February 2015.

4. Dino Charge Cast Revealed at Power Morphicon –
August 23, 2014: Yes, it’s finally that announcement you’ve all been waiting for. After months of waiting, we now know who will be playing our lead 5 in Power Rangers Dino Charge were announced at this year’s Power Morphicon; the Power Rangers Convention held in Pasadena, California August 22nd-24th.

5. Dino Charge Behind the Scenes –
July 22nd, 2014: The Power Rangers episodes wouldn’t be complete without the talented works of those who work behind the scenes including those in the production field, voice actors to lend their voices to the MOTD, as well as actors to lend their talents as guest roles, or to fill in background movement as extras. Here’s a list of those working to help put Dino Charge together.

6. Dino Charge Casting –
July 30th, 2014: Here, you’ll find a list of all the casting calls from New Zealand through various acting agencies and sites for Power Rangers Dino Charge. These casting calls can also be found in various blog posts, but this will be a compiled list of all of them, sorted alphabetically by talent agency and further by date posted online by the agencies.

7. Dino Charge Directing Internship [CLOSED] –
DEGNZ is pleased to call for applications for two paid director internships for Power Rangers, from October. The production company has stepped up its professional development support for New Zealand directors and writers, following guidelines earlier in the year around the NZSPG incentives. We wish them well in this endeavor and encourage members to utilize this opportunity!

8. [UPDATED  – 12/24/14] Dino Charge Character Bios –
December 15th, 2014: The Dino Charge 5″ figure toys came with bios on the Rangers, Vivix and Fury.

9. Dino Charge Ranger Names Confirmed! –
October 8th, 2014: While fans followed the casting process for Power Rangers Dino Charge, they found that the names on the casting sides were for Red Ranger Lucas, Blue Ranger Koda, Pink Ranger Shelby, Green Ranger Ryan, and Black Ranger Chase. Afterwards, speculation of the Ranger names started going through the fandom with members not wanting there to be a repeat of old character’s names (Lucas; Time Force Blue, and Ryan; Titanium Ranger) after having two years of Mia/Gia and Emila/Emma.

10. Dino Charge Production –
September 30th, 2014: Cameras used, interns locations, monster suits used, and more to create the 22nd season of Power Rangers.