[UPDATED – 6/6/15] Dino Charge Character Bios


Power Rangers fan, and Rangerboard user, Megus, has found the 5″ Dino Charge toys in “Target on Eastern and Silverado Ranch in Las Vegas, Nv” (Source)

(Image via Megus)

You can check out his review of the toys here: http://www.rangerboard.com/showthread.php?p=4847496#post4847496

12/24/14: Updated with Fury and Viviks bios along with official bios from Nick.com

The Dino Charge 5″ figure toys came with bios on the Rangers. Megus bought the red, blue, and pink toys and have supplied the bios below. Credit to Megus for the information.

  • Red’ Bio: Tyler lives everyday like it’s an adventure. As team leader of the Rangers, he is driven by a love for action & new experiences, as well as the mystery of his missing father.
  • Blue’s Bio: Koda does his caveman best to adapt to modern life with his now Ranger friends. When he isn’t trying to figure out video games and cars, he keeps busy battling Sledge and his henchmen.
  • Pink’s Bio: Shelby is a rough n’ tough tomboy who doesn’t mind getting her nails dirty! She balances her though physicality with a sharp mind and a love for paleontology.
  • Black’s Bio: Chase was destined to slide by on his charm and good looks. But given the opportunity to be a Power Ranger, her learns the value of pride and teamwork. (Thanks to BigMike8109 for the information)
  • Green’s Bio: Small in size, but big on brains, Riley is quiet, confident, and disciplined. He is equally dangerous with a sword or puzzle game. (Thanks to BigMike8109 for the information)
  • Fury’s Bio: Eager to earn his freedom from the evil Sledge, the dangerous and hot-tempered Fury scours the globe in search of the Energems….and he’s perfectly willing to destroy the Power Rangers to get his way! (Thanks to dekablue25 for the information)
  • Viviks Bio: Sledge’s evil footsoliders…they are troublesome for the Power Rangers on their own, but even more so when they clump together to form Vivizords. (Thanks to dekablue25 for the information)
  • Things to note: Tylers father is missing, and Koda is confirmed to be a caveman. I know there have been a few fans wondering if they were keeping this storyline for Blue.

Also, the Dino Charge page for Nick.com is now up giving the character names (first and last), bios, and weapons for all the Rangers which you can see below. Thanks to our friend, RangerCrew, for bringing the pictures to Ranger Nation’s attention, yesterday. (View on Facebook)

Summary via Nick.com:

A long time ago, ten dinosaurs were each entrusted with magical Energems rumored to hold invincible power over the entire universe. Now that the dinosaurs are extinct, an evil alien named Sledge is determined to find all the missing Energems and take control of space and time. There’s just one thing standing in his way… The Power Rangers Dino Charge!

Harnessing the power of pre-historic dinosaur spirits, the Dino Charge Rangers are ready to defend Earth at all costs. From a 100,000 year old caveman to a thrill seeking skateboarder, the Dino Charge Rangers may seem like an eclectic bunch, but their unmatched strength and incredible intelligence make for some epic teamwork.

With all new Dino Zords, morphers and weapons, Earth’s newest defenders are ready to protect the Energems, save the Earth and defeat the evil Sledge and his monsters once and for all.. But will their combined power be enough to take down this intergalactic bounty hunter and his menacing team of monsters? Dino Charge Ready!

Bios (view more images here), Click on image to get larger picture:

Tyler, Dino Charge Red
Dino Charge Red

Chase, Dino Charge Black

Koda, Dino Charge Blue

Riley, Dino Charge Green

Shelby, Dino Charge Pink

UPDATE 6/6/15:

Thanks to fandom member, and instagram user, mikey_the_husky, we know that the Graphite, Gold, Dino Drive toys and more have been released in Toys R Us in California. Here are the bios from the Graphite and Gold Rangers.

Gold Ranger Bio:

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“500 years ago, Ivan was a valliant young knight who dared to challenge Fury for the Gold Energem. Having finally escaped his imprisionment years later, Ivan joins the Power Rangers as the Gold Ranger. He brings legendary skill to the team as he wields a magnificent Saber and Morpher that doubles as a weapon.”

Graphite Ranger Bio:

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“Prince Phillip admires the Power Rangers and aspires to be like them – so much so that he embarks on a quest to find his own Energem and become a Ranger too!”