[UPDATED 1/2/15] New MMPR TV Pilot in the Works?

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HorrorDomain Exclusive News! We bring you the very first announcement of the new MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS television show which is currently in the works! In what has been a very HUSH HUSH project up until this point, our source reports that the pilot episode has indeed already been filmed. As a matter of fact we have the actual SCREEN USED, battle damaged suits (see below) from that pilot episode which are currently up for Auction!

We also have learned that this new SABAN/DISNEY series is set to be a half hour show and will star Katee Sackoff (Starbuck from BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA, RIDDICK) who will presumably play the Pink Ranger as well as James Van Der Beek (Dawson from DAWSON’S CREEK).

This particular version of the POWER RANGERS looks to bring more action/adventure and will display a much more adult oriented approach as the story will take place twenty years later. No longer teenagers, the Rangers have been shut down by the government, and are now on the run.

We have the actual SCREEN USED, Battle Damaged Power Ranger suits from this upcoming Television show in our current Auction. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.


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Update 1/2/15:

Looks to be more evidence of this being real. However, it looks like it’s a short film and not a pilot.

Addy Schreiner: http://www.starnow.com/addyschreiner

Stand in- for pink ranger in the new short film From Joseph Kahn- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Joseph Kahn’s Twitter (around the time this was rumored to be filmed. Thanks to Dizagaox on Rangerboard for the heads up:

*”Tampon Commercial” is often used in film/tv production to describe a project featuring a woman kicking butt or being sporty.

So what do you all think? Do you think this pilot is the real deal or do you think it’s fake? Would you be happy with an “older” Power Rangers series?

Spoilers after the jump:

From Dizagaox on Rangerboard:

Okay, believe the below or don’t, but I’ve been briefed on the project.

1. The project has Saban Brands approval. It was it seems pitched and filmed by their own LA film crew that makes all the random YouTube stuff. So maybe it’s canon? In any case, it was filmed in LA in August.
2. It’s a pilot / short film. If popular, the idea is to make more of them, to help flesh out the Power Rangers universe via YouTube and mixed media. Whole thing is modelled after Mortal Kombat’s short films and the success Machinima has had with similar content.
3. Katee Sackhoff is indeed the lead actress, with another few big guests.
4. If you thought RPM was mature…

Major spoiler I’m allowed to share because it’s the plot of the whole ruddy film:

Trini is “officially” killed off. Assassinated. The opening scene is her funeral. Katee Sackhoff is the new Kimberly, and has to lead the Power Rangers on the run from an evil organisation out to kill them.

I already asked my source if the short film has any links to Go-busters and they said they’re not saying anything.