Official Dino Charge Theme Song

Updated with link to clearer audio posts at the bottom by No Pink Spandex.

Ranger Nation’s #1 toy source, Razzle1337 (Twitter) was able to find the DIno Charge Scanner app for the iPhone and Android phones (now available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. This app is similiar to Bandai’s Key Scanner app, but with more features. One of the unlockable items in this app was the Dino Charge theme song.

For more information on Dino Charge’s toy listings, check out Raz’s website: (go here, specifically for Dino Charge toy listings: and be sure to follow him on twitter.

If you can’t wait until February to get #ChargedUp, give it a listen below thanks to our friends over at No Pink Spandex to hear clear versions of the theme, both the normal and instrumental versions in high quality. Link below.

No Pink Spandex: Hear the New Power Rangers Dino Charge Theme Song