Dino Charge Merchandise Images Designed by Kid Castro

(Image via KidCastro.com)

Kid Castro has posted Dino Charge designs for products on his web page.  You can see some of the products below. Kid Castro had also previously designed the banner for Saban Brands at MIPCOM 2014 and had created Super Megaforce designs.


Check out his official site: http://www.kidcastro.com/

Follow Kid Castro on twitter: https://twitter.com/_KidCastro.

About Kid Castro:

Kid Castro Creative is a full service design studio that specializes
in the inception and development of compelling designs for films, television shows and consumer products. At Kid Castro, we believe that creative goals inspire creative solutions, which is the foundation of our unique “conception to finish” methodology.

Our collaborative client approach offers the highest quality solutions to the creative challenges many companies experience. Our goal is to make the creative process for product development, advertising and marketing campaigns a stress-free, effortless
and enjoyable process.

Take a look at some of our work and see how Kid Castro Creative will make your vision come to fruition!


Kid Castro designed the images for the following Power Rangers Dino Charge products:


Toy Line: http://kidcastro.com/packaging.html




For more information on Dino Charge’s toy listings, check out Raz’s (Twitter) website: http://razzle1337.tumblr.com (go here, specifically for Dino Charge toy listings: http://razzle1337.tumblr.com/post/88028299586/power-rangers-dino-charge-toy-listings) and be sure to follow him on twitter.



Mix and Morph Rangers/Power Mashers: http://kidcastro.com/consumer-products.html


T-shirts: http://kidcastro.com/consumer-products.html