[PRESS RELEASE] Saban Brands, Fit For Sport Team Up for Power Rangers Fitness Guide

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Power Rangers and Saban team up with Fit for Sport

Fun fitness guides on the way for kids including activities and healthy eating tips.

LOS ANGELES: Fit For Sport, a healthy lifestyle activities provider, has partnered with Saban Brands’ Power Rangers emPOWER pro-social program for the launch of a fun fitness guide meant to help children get active and eat right.

The guide will become available in 500 schools and camps around the country. It will encourage youngsters to participate in Fit For Sport’s Activity Challenge, which tests their agility, balance and coordination while promoting a healthy lifestyle. By doing this, kids will feel as if they are training like the Power Rangers, whose core values include teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity.

“Being physically and mentally fit is essential to the success of the Power Rangers in every mission they undertake and this is also what Fit For Sport stands for,” said Gustavo Antonioni, the managing director of consumer products for EMEA at Saban Brands. “We are proud of our partnership with Fit For Sport as its extended school and camp programs perfectly embrace the core values of the Power Rangers and encourage children to live healthy and active lives.”

“We strive to keep our activities as engaging as possible and partnering with Saban’s iconic Power Rangers will give the kids extra excitement and motivation to get moving,” added Dean Horridge, the CEO and founder of Fit For Sport. “Kids look up to Power Rangers and this guide, combined with our challenge, will show them how to POWER UP their activity to ‘super hero’ levels.”

To learn more about Power Rangers emPOWER go here: http://empower.powerrangers.com/what-power-rangers-empower

To learn more about Fit for Sport go here: http://www.fitforsport.co.uk/

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About Power Rangers emPOWER
The universally recognized Power Rangers brand delivers humorous action-adventure entertainment that kids love and positive messaging that parents value. Just as the Power Rangers work together to solve a different challenge in every episode, Power Rangers emPOWER provides parents and kids the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids and support healthy communities. Power Rangers emPOWER provides an innovative, engaging platform for information, activities, and resources. Power Rangers emPOWER inspires participation in schools, online and in local communities to demonstrate the Power Rangers values in action: teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity, friendship and caring. Power Rangers emPOWER is positive and fun, emphasizing kids’ strengths and potential, and providing kids and parents with accessible resources. Developed in partnership with leaders in children’s services, it is central to the Power Rangers brand.