Dino Charge Filming Starts Today

Through various casting calls, it was stated that the 28th of September would be the start of filming for Power Rangers Dino Charge, the next highly anticipated season of the Power Rangers franchise. It is now the 28th of New Zealand and the cast is excited to get started.

Camille Hyde / Shelby, Pink Dino Charge Ranger


That’s a wrap on the FIRST day of filming! Thank you to everyone who sent me all the cool fan art and good luck posts, it made my 5am wake up all the more worth it #Powerrangersdinocharge #itsshowtimeFacebook

Michael Taber/ Ryan, Green Dino Charge Ranger

First day of filming after rehearsing for a month. Ready to make magic!! I am on record in saying that we are ready to make a GREAT season. We will try our hardest to live up to your expectations. Thank you for the awesome support from everyone. There are no better fans than Ranger fans.” – Facebook

Yoshi Sudarso / Koda, Blue Dino Charge Ranger

First day of filming #dinocharge so I wanted to commemorate it by taking a pic on set. I took a picture of the only thing I could post, without further ado, here’s my eye – Facebook

Claire Blackwelder / Role Unkown

What an awesome first day of filming! So grateful for the overwhelming love and support you guys have been showing today. I’m stoked to be part of this adventure and can’t wait to show you all our work!” – Facebook

Good luck to the new cast, have fun, and be safe out there. We can’t wait to see Dino Charge premiere in 2015.

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