MMPR Reboot Movie: Where Are We Now? Auditions Under Way?

Recently, we’ve gotten word that Roberto Orci, Ashley Miller, and Zack Stentz have executive producer, and screenwriting roles respectively for this feature film. We’ve also heard that Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott / Mighty Morphin Red) could possibly return to the Power Rangers franchise and that Orci says the film could potentially have cameos from original cast members.

But, where exactly are we in the process of the creation of this film? It’s hard to say as things are being kept tightly under wraps, but in April a casting call had gone out looking for extras and lead roles in Los Angeles.

Through my searching, I had stumbled across this post from Side Pocket Station under their success stories listed on the front page. If you look at the cached google link for this page, the same thing was up July 16th:

Movie - 3

Keep this in mind: I’m not ruling out that he  could be someone we didn’t know who was rehearsing for a Dino Charge audition as a lot of previous auditioners called the new series a “movie” or a “film” when going through the audition process. I’m not saying that he, 100% for sure auditioned for the reboot movie. But, who’s to say that the audition process for the reboot movie hasn’t already started and already been completed? Many of you may think it’s too early or auditions for the film, or that a script isn’t even done to audition. This isn’t always the case, however. A script doesn’t necessarily have to be penned before the audition process starts.

Take the “Super Megaforce” Silver Ranger and “Dino Charge” casting for example. Many had said that some of those sides didn’t sound like they’d be in Power Rangers (granted they’d be for “civilian scenes”) but sounded exciting and would be great if the show used it. Those sides turned out to be just that: sides, used to get a feel for the different ways actors could bring the characters written to life in their own way.

Through my searching, this article from June 18th came up about Damen Rodriguez with the title, “SHS grad powers way to acting success: Damen Rodriguez up for role in new ‘Power Rangers’ movie.”

The Sandpoint High School graduate turned Los Angeles actor said he may be in the pilot’s seat of a giant robot on movie screens soon when Haim Saban and Lionsgate reboot the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” franchise. While studio officials aren’t confirming any casting decisions this early in pre-production, Rodriguez said he’s hoping to land a prominent role as the Red Ranger. It all started with a whirlwind audition arranged by his agents at the last minute, he added.

Unfortunately, I have not been successful in finding the whole article detailing Damen’s audition process. However, there have also been numerous Facebook posts all around the last two weeks of June stating they had Power Rangers auditions. My initial thought processes was the casting for the other Rangers for Power Rangers Dino Charge, but the more I saw, the more I wondered if they were for the movie.

It looks like we’re farther along in the movie process than previously thought. Maybe the cast (or even a select few members) have already been chosen.