Get to Know the Cast of Power Rangers Dino Charge

Dino Charge

This past Saturday, at Power Morphicon, we got the announcement of the new cast members for Power Rangers Dino Charge.  In less than a week, Camille Hyde (Pink), Brennan Mejia (Red), Michael Taber (Green), Yoshi Sudarso (Blue), and Kiwi native James Davies (Black) will be heading to New Zealand to start production on the 22nd season of Power Rangers. Now’s your chance to get to know the cast before they grace your TV screens in February 2015.

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Brennan Mejia
Tyler Navarro, Red Dino Charge Ranger

Twitter: @BrennanMejia | Facebook: Page | Instagram: Brennan_Mejia | Youtube: Profile | IMDB: Page

Fun Fact: He’s a circus performer, auditioned for American Ninja Warrior

Brennan first started out as a model before starting in the acting business. His first acting job was playing the role of “Pablo” in CSI: Miami‘s episode entitled “Pablo”. Afterwards he’s been on shows such as iCarly, 90210, American Horror StorySecret Life of the American Teenager, Kickin’ It and now as the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Brennan also partakes in acrobats, is a circus performer, and teachers yoga


Camille Hyde
Shelby Watkins, Dino Charge Pink Ranger

Facebook: Page |Twitter: @MimiHyde  | Instagram: CamilleHyde | Youtube: Profile | IMDB: Page

Fun Fact: Was previously a model for Abercrombie & Fitch, Disney 365

Camille’s first big role will be playing Shelby, the Pink Ranger, in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Previously, she had a part in Disney 365 and had a guest starring role in Lifetime’s tv show, Killer Kids as “Makia Coney”.


James Davies
Chase Randall, Dino Charge Black Ranger

Twiiter: @James_JDavies | Instagram: James_JDavies | Official Website: Page | Youtube: Profile | IMDB: Profile | Model Mayhem: Profile | Facebook: Page

Fun Fact: Brennan Davies is his UK/International stage name, has a great American accent

James Davies is an actor, singer, dancer and performer. He has been performing since he was 8 years old in many different areas such as theater, gymnastics, and music. He studied at the Apollo Theater School in New Zealand before taking the plunge and becoming a full time actor in New Zealand. As such he has appeared in TV shows and commercials for America, Australia, New Zealand, and London. His acting roles include appearances in music videos, Legend of the Seeker in 2008 as “Mark”, Kaitngata Twitch in 2009 as “Nick”, and a Nintendo Wii commercial for the US and Europe.


Michael Taber
Riley griffin, Green Dino Charge Ranger


Twiiter: @PutItOnMyTabe | Instagram: MichaelTaber | IMDB: Page | Facebook: Page

Michael Taber has been in short films The Last Miracle as “Andy Lazarus”, Onionhead as “Bobby”, and The Ryan and Randy Show as “Jake”. He will be portraying Power Rangers Dino Charge as his first bigTV acting job after having appeared in Boppin’ at the Glue Factory and The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy.

Yoshi Sudarso
Koda, Dino Charge Blue Ranger


Twiiter: @yoshistunts | Instagram: yoshistunts | Fashion Blog: Page | Youtube: Profile | IMDB: Page | Facebook: Page

Fun Fact: Previously acted as live suit actor for Power Rangers (including Robo Knight and Dino Charge Black ), competed on Wipeout with his brother, Peter, who had previously auditioned for Power Rangers.

Yoshi has acted and performed stunts in many projects. Recently, he has performed as a stunt double for Ki Hong Lee in The Maze Runner, has acted in Jon Lee Brody’s short film Police Guys, performed as a dancer in the Crash a Party official music video, and more. His life mission was to land a “Power Ranger role because he’d like to eventually morph stunt doubling and acting into an action star career.” Now playing the Blue Dino Charge Ranger, Yoshi can put his extensive stunt and martial arts skills to charge up fans’ TV screens.



Claire Blackwelder
Role: Kendall Morgan

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Claire Blackwelder headed out to New Zealand this morning as a member of the Dino Charge Cast. Does that mean she’s our Dino Charge Violet Ranger? It’s too early to tell.

Update 1/30/15: Claire’s role is Kendall Morgan

Update 9/16/15: