Power Force Newest Members


(Image via Power Rangers Official Site)

Congratulations to the NINE newest members of the Power Force; an online community who, working with Saban Brands representatives, brings news to Ranger Nation of what’s to come for Power Rangers. Recently, tweets about “exciting news” and “awesome e-mails” had appeared from select members of Ranger Nation who turned out to be the newest members of the Power Force. They include:

@trekkieb47 of Ranger Command Power Hour

of TokuNation

@The2ndBatgirl of The Toku Ladies Podcast and Ranger Recaps.

@ShukuenShinobi who reviews Power Rangers toys on his site, ShukuenShinobi as well as of The RRR Podcast.

@Zeron Xepher of Zeron Xepher Toy Reviews

@hassanahmed120 who records Power Rangers toy reviews on his youtube.

@DatabaseRanger of Database Ranger’s Power Reviews

@MrChangeDragon, also known as Mr/Miss CD, one of the admins of the RangerCrew forum.

NerdyGirlJulia of ThatNerdyGirlJulia youtube page.

I’m so happy and proud of each and every one of you for your accomplishments. Your individual contributions to the fandom and your hard work does not go unnoticed by any one of us.

For a full list of Power Force members, head on over to MegaforceCast