Saban Films

Saban Films

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Back in May, Hiam Saban launched his own film distribution company called: Saban Films. As this distribution company, Saban Films will “acquire and distribute eight to ten movies a year in North America”. The first of these movies is a Tommy Lee Jones filmed entitled “The Homsemen.” set to be released November 7th, a movie that was recently shown at Cannes and stars Meryl Streep, John Spader, Hilary Swank and more.

At the time of the launching of the new company, they were in private talks to partner with a major studio distribution partner already in the game. The goal that Haim Saban as well as Saban Films President, Bill Bromley wants to achieve is a new experience for moviegoers.

It’s a good guess that Saban Films will be partnering with Lionsgate to produce the reboot movie.

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