Dino Charge Behind the Scenes


(Picture courtesy of @RangerCrew)

The Power Rangers episodes wouldn’t be complete without the talented works of those who work behind the scenes including those in the production field, voice actors to lend their voices to the MOTD, as well as actors to lend their talents as guest roles, or to fill in background movement as extras. Here’s a list of those working to help put Dino Charge together.

Voice Actors on page 2.

Most recent finds are highlighted with this image:  https://static.avast.com/11/web/i/loc/ico-new.png

Anything uncomfirmed are highlighted with this image: https://i1.wp.com/vixenvarsity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/rumor.gif

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Updated 1/11/16

Guest Starts/Extras

15 Agency

Caleb Nakivell (Profile) as “Power Rangers (featured) personal trainer to guest actor burt” (I’m assuming he means Simon Mead who plays Burt in a guest role)

Auckland Actors

Robert Tripe (RIP) (Profile) as “Father”

Yvette Parsons (Profile) as “Psychic”

Joseph Wycoff (Profile) as “Reporter”

Beth Kays (Profile) as “Chase’s Mother”

Sez Neiderer (Profile) as “Worker”

Jeremy Elwood (Profile – click view complete CV) as “Delivery Guard”

Chelsea McEwan Miller (Profile) as “Reporter”

John Dybvig (Profile) as “Ted”

 Bubblegum Talent

Luke Peterson and Javaren Dean – “The talented LUKE PETERSON and JAVARN DEAN who are on set this week after landing featured roles on the American TV Series Power Rangers! Well done boys” – Facebook 

This talented group have spent the last few days filming in the American TV Series “Power Rangers”.  – Facebook

B&M Creative Artists

Joshua Masterton (Profile) as “Prince Colin”

EMS Actors

Deejay Williams (Profile) as “Dad”

Gail Cowan Management

Jazmyn Aria van Gosliga (Source | Profile): Picky Girl

Xana Tang (Profile): Customer

Rob Evison (Profile): Julian

Elizabeth Hawthorne (Profile): Ms. Allistar

Mirabelle Holmes (Profile): Girl

The Human Agency

Emma-Kate Putnam (Profile) as “Cafe Patron” – “Filming today for #powerrangers” – Instagram

Caitlin Flower (Profile) as “Park Goer”

Caitlin Ashdown (Profile) as “Park Goer”

Dunken Francis (Profile) as “Vampire”

Millie McKay (Profile) as “FX Sister”

Nathan Kara (Profile as “Trainer”

Brittany Low (Profile) as “Auditionee”

Kirsten Ocampo (Profile) as an extra in “Workout Class”

Reuben Winter (Profile) as “Zombie”

Justin Haiu (Profile) as “Worg”

Jam Talent

Ravlin Cooper (Profile) as “Zombie” and “Cafe Patron” 

Joshua Carr (Profile) as “Zombie” and “Cafe Patron” 

Kere McLeod (Profile) as “Cafe Patron” 

Wesley Pearce (Profile) as “Zombie” and “Cafe Patron” 

Anthony Chapman (Profile) as “Zombie”

Blake McInnes (Profile) as “Zombie”

Kashan Preston (Profile) as “Music Journalist”

Johnson & Laird Management

Alexander Walker (Profile) as “Matt Griffin”

Toni Potter (Profile) as “Riley’s Mom”

Jarred Blakiston (Profile) as “Major Suppport” – Jarred was in Megaforce as a “Customer”

John Sumner (Profile) as “Santa”

Kirk Torrance (Profile) as “Dr. Runga”

Grae Burton (Profile) as “Reporter”

Shara Connolly (Profile) as “Emma”

Paul Gittins (Profile) as “Mr. Smith”

Lee Smith-Gibbons (Profile) as “Teller”

Francis Mountjoy (Profile) as “Dad”

Vinnie Bennett (Profile) as “Rata”

John Clarke (Profile) as “Grandpa Earl”

Serena Cotton (Profile) as “Mum”

Arlo MacDiarmid (Profile) as “Rusty” 

Kam Models and Talent

Priyena Prasad as “Extra” – Profile

Kathryn & Rawlings

Eve Gordon (profile) as “Keeper – Series Regular”

Hayley Crawford (Profile) as “Woman at Crash”

James Galyn (Profile) as “Shelby’s Parent”

Cathy Evans (Profile) as “Young Professional”

Glen Dranke (Profile) as “Jonesy” 

LBF Kids Talent Agency

Cortez (Profile)- Cortez had a great time yesterday on the Power Rangers shoot. Brilliant!” – Facebook 1, Facebook 2

Kyle (Profile), Matt (Profile), Bailey (Profile) – Kyle, Bailey & Matt are booked for the Power Rangers set this weekend! Facebook

Sam (Profile) – “Cortez shooting with Power Rangers again this week – working on the gig with SamFacebook

Kate (Profile) – Well done to Kate who’s just been booked for Power Rangers next week!” – Facebook

Odd Talent Management

Campbell Cooley (Profile) – “Paparazzi Man” in episode 10 – NOTE – was the voice of Admiral Malkor in Megaforce / “Voice of Voice of Mecha”

Brooke Petersen (Profile) as Cyclist

Samantha Shorter (Profile) as “Pretty Girl”

Jack Walley (Profile) as “Postman”

Matthew Arbuckle (Profile) as “Stranger” / Stunt Man

Brian Satterfield (Profile) as “Screaming Man”

Pirhana Talent

Rebecca McFadzien (Profile) Power Rangers Dino Charge,  TV Series  Performed the role of Tour Guide, Episode 1 (Credit to Morphin K for the find)

Red Eleven Models & Talent Management

Elizabeth Dowden (Profile) – Kaylee

Jeff Szusterman (Profile) – City Worker – Voiced Octoro and Xandred in Power Rangers Samurai 

Sophie Huybens (Profile) – Britney

Carolyn Dando (Profile) – Assistant

Sophia Johnson (Profile) – Excited Customer

Robert Bruce Talent Agency

Frank Brown (Profile) as “Marathon Runner (2302)”

Andrew Clay (Profile) as “Greedy Customer”


Abi B (Profile) is a featured extra

Yashika Shinde (Profile) is an extra

Howard Cyster (Profile)  as “Featured current role as the Chef” (Dec 2014-ongoing)

Ravi Narayan (Profile) as an Elf in the Christmas special – “2014 Power Rangers – Played an elf for the special Christmas season (Featured role)”

Maddy B (Profile) as “Girl shopping at market”

Tabea Von Grünewaldt (Profile) as “Reporter”

Tony Ridler (Profile) as “Zombie, Cafe Goer”

 Leah McVeagh (Profile) as “Zombie”

Sharon Power Management

Jackson Harris (Profile) as “Peter’s Friend”

Tag Creatives

Sascha Moore (Profile) as “Assistant to lead singer of NZ boy band (guest actor) 


Steven Hall (Profile) as “CIA Bodyguard”

James Devereux (Profile) as “Extra”

TuTu Company

Yasuhiro Toyoda (Profile) as “Monster Extra”


Sarah as “Extra” – “IM AN EXTRA ON POWER RANGERS!!!!! Xx” – Twitter