Ranger Command Power Hour: Ranger Roundtable Discussing MMPR Reboot


(Images via Ranger Command Power Hour / Eric Berry)

On July 16th, I recorded episode 16 of Ranger Command Power Hour as a guest with two of the hosts, Eric Berry (aka @trekkieb47) and Zach Lavoy (aka @TheCinemaSlob) regarding the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot movie news as a part of Ranger Command’s first “Ranger Roudntable.” I, along with five other guests discussed the reboot movies, what we hope to see happen, what our ideas are on the budget, and commented on Ranger Nation’s thoughts about the news.

Other members of the Ranger Roundtable were:

Monkie Ranger from The Monkie Grid.
Baltmatrix from Baltmatrix Reviews on YouTube
RJ, also known as the infamous Uchi and animeredneck96 on Twitter.
Chris, also known as rankal or Kickback from Tokunation.

Listen now: RCPH Episode 16: “Ranger Roundtable – MMPR Reboot Movie Crew”

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For more information on the reboot movie, check out the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie” Facebook page.