Power Rangers on National Geographic Documentary

Starting Monday night at 9pm on National Geographic the special “The 90s: The Last Greatest Decade” aired it’s first of showing of a three night special chronicling the major events of the 90s. Power Rangers, as fans know, premiered in 1993, and instantly rose to popularity, becoming a pop icon, that people still talk about today. The fact that the show has aired (and is currently airing) 21 seasons, and now has a reboot movie coming, it’s no surprise that it has some appearance in this documentary

Below is a picture of the Red Turbo Ranger (and Saban’s Beetleborgs) in the quick clip at the intro of the show.


As of this moment, I don’t know whether or not National Geographic will air a full segment on Power Rangers, or if this is the only bit we’ll see.

UPDATE 7/8/14: The second part of the special premiered last night, showcasing the mid-90s, and no mention of Power Rangers. The last part of the special airs tonight, and it looks like the only mention (or viewing) of Power Rangers was in that short clip on the first day. However, the clip did show The Red Turbo Ranger of Power Rangers Turbo. Turbo aired in 1997, which will be covered in the last portion of the program today. We’ll see if there’s any mention in this final installment of the special.

Final Updated 7/10/14: The third and final part of the National Geographic Documentary entitled “90s: The Last Greatest Decade?” aired last night, but did not show anything Power Rangers related. This is unfortunate due to the global impact Power Rangers had made in the 90s.