“Unlock the Power” Sweepstakes – Enter for a Chance to Win a Voice Over Role on Power Rangers

The “Unlock the Power” Sweepstakes is now available with the download of the latest version of the Power Rangers Scanner App. The app is download for the android in the Google Play Store and the App Store, but does not officially starts August 1st and ends December 31st.

You can also download it through here: https://www.powerrangersunlock.com/

Check out RangerCrew‘s video of the announcement at NY Toy Fair:

To take part in the sweepstakes, scan any of the Ranger Keys in the Bandai toy line with the scanner app on your mobile device. This sweepstakes also allows you to win many Super Megaforce prizes. The grand prize is a chance to lend your voice in a future episode of the show.

For more information on the grand prize, look at the picture below. Via Raz on twitter:

It seems like the grand prize has changed from being a guest star on the show to lending your voice. Via secretrangerfan on twitter:

You can learn more about the Scanner App on RangerCrew’s blog: http://blog.samuraicast.com/power-rangers-scanner-app/

Updated 10/24/14

The grand prize of this sweepstakes is winning a trip for 4 to Hollywood, CA to lend your voice a character in an upcoming Power Rangers episode. The trip includes airfare, hotel, and $500 spending money. But what do you get if you don’t win the trip to California? Plenty of toys, that’s what!

There are over 500 instant prizes you could win, including:

(5) Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Dagger toy
(5) Power Rangers Legacy Titanus toy
(5) Power Rangers “Tower of Power” action figure set
(25) Power Rangers Super Megaforce Megazord toy
(25) Power Rangers Super Megaforce Super Mega Saber toy
(25) Power Ranges Super Megforce Super Mega Canon toy
(25) Power Rangers Super Megaforce Deluxe Legendary Morpher toy
(50) Power Rangers Super Megaforce Double Battle Action Figure
(100)  Power Rangers Super Megaforce Action Hero Action Figure
(230) Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legendary Ranger Key Pack
(80) Power Rangers Legacy Dragon Zord toy

Info via: http://www.winprizesonline.com/Unlock-the-Power-Sweepstakes/