[UPDATED] Power Rangers Filming Returning to New Zealand in the Fall

Morphin K (Twitter) had previously posted to his tumblr, about the writing internship opportunity for the aspiring screen writer to take part in Power Rangers for the Dino Charge season. For anyone who still has doubt about the show retuning to New Zealand, we have more proof in the form of a flyer, from acting agency, Sharon Power Management.

Posted on June 20th, Sharon Power Management is holding a class with Chris Stewart who coaches actors to perfect their American Accent.

Chris’s accent workshops are recognised as a go-to resource for all leading actors in New Zealand.  Chris, a graduate from Boston University is the only american in New Zealand professionally trained in the standard American dialect and it’s coaching and has been proud to work with Pacific Renaissance Productions for the last decade – the last four years as dialect coach / ADR Supervisor on SPaARTACUS and EVIL DEAD 2012. (Source)

The flyer for the event (for New Zealand residents only) along with the internship news confirms Power Rangers returning to New Zealand for Dino Charge.


You can see the full flyer here: http://sharonpowermanagement.com/assets/Chris-Stewart-American-Accent-Training.pdf

As well on American Accent Training NZ’s Facebook page with the quote below:

The drought for American television productions in NZ is finally over!! (Source)


American Accent Traning NZ’s Facebook page has a second flyer (from June 11th):

Flyer 2

You can see the full flyer here: https://www.facebook.com/142041669312657/photos/a.145288688987955.1073741828.142041669312657/265381693645320/?type=1

This flyer promotes both Power Rangers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II, which was previously being cast for by NZ casting agency, Background Talent.

So what does this mean for the Power Rangers Productions trademark being registered in South Africa? It’s possible that South Africa will be the location for the filming of the Power Rangers reboot film, however, the official location has not been announced as of yet.


Added 7/10/14

Background Talent had previously put up a listing on Trade Me, looking for actors to work on:

“Power Rangers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II, Shortland Street and other local and overseas productions.” (Source 1, Source 2)

On Monday, July 7th, they had put up a second casting call.


ALL ethnicities male and female talent with HIGH level martial arts skills NEEDED NOW!!!

Background Talent is casting now for Power Rangers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II, Shortland Street and other local and overseas productions.

The rest of the classified listing proceeds to explain how you can sign up with Background Talent and the requirements to do so. At this point, there is only speculation in regards to what those who are cast would be doing. It could be stunt people, like how they had extras stand in suit for the Legendary Battle as at this point, Power Rangers Productions could have hired a stunt team for Dino Charge.