Holiday Specials in Super Megaforce?

There have been talks about both seasons of Power Rangers now having specials (i.e. clipshows), however, it’s not yet known whether Super Megaforce will continue with this tradition. There is evidence from both sides of the argument that makes it hard to discern whether or not this season will have holiday specials. With a second Super Mega Power Rangers event being held a Nick Hotel in October, one wonders if they’ll be showing a Halloween themed episode at that time.

Noam Kaniel

Noam Kaniel, composer for the series, has listed on his linked in that Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce has 22 episodes (which is composed of 20 half-hour episodes, and 2 holiday specials)

“POWER RANGERS SUPER MEGAFORCE X 22 ( Saban Brands ) 2013-2014

POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE X 22 ( Saban Brands ) 2012-2013” (Source)


Marvista Entertainment

Marvista Enterainment works with Saban Brands to air the show in many international markets. They have listed on their site that there are only, 42 episodes.



Kelvin Taylor

Kelvin Taylor is an actor in Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce. He will be seen as a “Cyclist” in Power of Six, but he was also cast as a Christmas Driver, bringing up the idea again of will there or won’t there be Christmas specials for Super Megaforce.

Kelvin Taylor as Cyclist / Christmas Driver (Turned Away bc of conflicting roles) – appearing in “Power of Six”

Source 1 (date was before hiatus was known), Source 2

EDIT – Upon further investigation, the role of Christmas Driver could pertain to “The Robo Knight Before Christmas”

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray gave this interview back in November of 2015 where he states that there’s only 42 episodes in all.


This was from Worldscreen‘s site in regards to Megaforce’s episode order:

And this is for Super Megaforce, also from Worldscreen:

Noam Kaniel is the only one to have listed that we will have 44 episodes in all. As of now, it really does look like we won’t be getting any specials for the Super Megaforce season. That could be due in part to the Legendary Battle taking up most of the production cost to make this season as “crazy” as representatives as Saban Brands had stated at Licensing Expo back in 2012 (SamuraiCast Blog).

Still waiting on official confirmation. If we were to get holiday specials, they would most likely be clip shows as we have gotten with the Samurai/Super Samurai season as well as Megaforce.