Dino Charge: Writing Staff Internship Opportunity [CLOSED]

Nice find, Morphin K!

NOTE: This is only for residents of New Zealand. If you don’t live there, don’t apply.

Is this confirmation that Dino Charge production will be staying in Auckland? Ranger Nation member, Morphin K (Twitter), found this application for the position of an intern for the writing staff for Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Dino Charge is the first season where the story team will be based in Auckland. It will be led by a highly experienced writer in this genre.

This provides a fantastic opportunity for exposure to the writing department on an international children’s action adventure series.

The successful applicant will join an experienced and specialised story team working on a fast turn around television series. They must be prepared to sit around the story table to brainstorm, review episode footage as well as write and re-write scenes on the spur of the moment.

They will further their knowledge in all aspects of story telling and in the realities of crafting a script for a fast turn around shooting environment.

The Power Rangers experience is very unique in terms of writing and there may be other opportunities available to the right applicant.

This is a wonderful opportunity for an up and coming or fledgling writer. Ideally they will have some writing experience and a good understanding of script writing technique. They will be self-motivated, professional and have great attitude.

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