Tribe of the Wild

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In this sci-fi action adventure series for teens, five high school friends are abducted by aliens and find themselves in an unfamiliar world where past, present and future are merged into one. (Source)

Tribe of the Wild is a new upcoming kid’s sci-fi show from a creator of Power Rangers, none other than Shuki Levy. News officially broke of this new show back in August of 2013 by Mr. Yellow. Power Rangers fans instantly became curious of the new production, wondering if it was going to be a new Power Rangers (keep in mind this was at the time a trademark for something called Power Rider was going around).

Tori Avey, (writer, executive producer of Tribe) quickly put those rumors to rest in our interview with her.

Katy Wallin, who was the casting director for the first couple of season of Power Rangers, is on board with this show with her company, MysticArt Pictures, as well as other previous Power Rangers crew members such as Ronnie Hadar (Producer), Isaac Florentien (Chief Action Strategist).



This past May, the cast and crew had a private screening of the pilot they had created back in the fall. Since then, it’s a wait to hear anymore news about the show; although it’s looking like it’ll be a 2014 show. However, during the wait, RangerCrew got exclusive interviews with the five lead actors:

Cody Beverstock’s (Gabriel) Interview

Jazzy Yoder’s (Kelly) Interview

Nisalda Gonzalez ‘s (Amanda) Interview

Andrew Hellenthal’s (Alex) Interview

Jared Hernandez’s (Angelo) Interview



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