The Power Scoop’s Interview With Tori Avey

This interview was originally posted October 2013.

As we wait to find out who was cast for the Tribe of the Wild pilot, writer and executive producer of the new show, Tori Avey was kind enough to take some time out of her day to answer some questions. Tribe of the Wild will begin shooting this fall.

How did the idea of Tribe of the Wild come about? What is Tribe of the Wild about?
Shuki woke up one day from a dream, and the story of the series was suddenly in his mind… not just the setup or the first episode, but the characters, the conflicts… literally the first few seasons of the show were born that morning. It’s pretty remarkable. The story revolves around 5 teens living on Maury Island in Washington state. If you do some research into Maury Island, you’ll discover that this tiny island is best known for being the site of one of the first documented UFO sightings in the United States in 1947. Our story takes place today, several decades after the Maury Island Incident. The remnants of this strange event continue to haunt the island. History repeats itself, and the teens are caught up in a mysterious cosmic event that turns their lives upside down. They find themselves in a parallel reality. That’s where their journey begins.

Is this pilot like anything else you have worked on?
No, it’s not. 🙂

What about Tribe of the Wild are you most excited to see come to life?
Every part of the process has been fun, but I’ve particularly enjoyed the music and the casting. Shuki is composing the entire show. Every night he’s downstairs in his studio working on new themes, new signatures… some of them bring tears to my eyes. The music is really going to be like another character in this show. I’ve also loved seeing actors come in and bring our script to life. When you find somebody who embodies the character, becoming the person that you imagined in your mind… that’s a really exciting moment.

Are there any films or TV shows that inspired Tribe?
It’s not directly inspired by anything. There are elements of other projects in it… Lost, Star Trek, even Harry Potter. But we never set out to make something that has already been done. I can honestly say there is nothing like Tribe out there right now, and that excites me.

What do you think makes a TV show a hit?
Real, fully imagined characters, a story with heart, and plots that leave people wondering what comes next.

For the Power Rangers fans out there, you are working with a group of people who have worked on Power Rangers. How has that helped the creating process for Tribe?
It’s actually been great to see this team coming together again. I wasn’t a part of the original Power Rangers team, but obviously the stars were aligned when they came together… now, 20 years later, the show is still on the air! That’s a rare achievement in this business. It’s fun seeing Shuki, Ronnie and Katy working on something entirely new together, something that excites all of them on a creative level. They really love what they do, and they’re putting their heart and soul into this project. It’s inspiring.

A lot of Power Rangers fans are wondering if this is an adaptation of a tokusatsu or if it is an original TV show. Would you care to set the record straight for us?
This show is not an adaptation of a tokusatsu, and there is no Japanese footage involved. It is 100% original. However, I definitely think there are elements of this series that will appeal to fans of tokusatsu.

Do you have any advice for those who auditioned for Tribe as well as for actors actively auditioning?
We are looking for talented actors who can really become these characters and bring them to life. Our five leads will be announced soon, and I am thrilled that they each bring true authenticity to their characters. We start callbacks later this week for supporting roles, which I’m looking forward to. We want actors who can take us on a journey with them.

What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies?
Well, if anybody Googles my name they’ll discover that I love history and I love to cook. I write two food blogs, The Shiksa in the Kitchen and The History Kitchen. I also write about food history for PBS Food and

Are there any other projects you are currently working on?
Many, actually! Too many to get into here. 🙂

Is there anything else about Tribe of the Wild you can share or would like the fans to know? Any links (Facebook, Twitter, etc)?
Yes! Here are the social networks, which will be very active over the next couple of months as we start production. We’d love to have your Power Scoop readers following the journey with us:

Facebook: Tribe of the Wild
Twitter: @tribeofthewild
Instagram: tribeofthewild
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