Megaforce/Super Megaforce Behind the Scenes

The Power Rangers episodes wouldn’t be complete without voice actors to lend their voices to the MOTD as well as actors to lend their talents as guest roles, or to fill in background movement as extras. Here’s a list of actors and actresses found to have lent their talents to the show.

RangerCrew has a list of filming pictures you can find here.

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Megaforce/Super Megaforce Voice Actors:


Auckland Actors:

Stephen Butterworth as “Prince Vekar”…ramme_vweb.pdf (Page 8 of 17)

Gail Cowan Management:

Barnaby Fredric as “Kingsman”


Byron Coll as “Desolar”


Paul Harrop as “Various”


Li-Ming Hu – Loop Group


Pete Muller – Loop Group


Daryl Habraken as “Kingsmen 2”


Devon Wood as “Various Voice Actor”


Adam Gardner as “ShadowSerpent”


Simon McKinney as “No Joke”


Lliam Powell as “Various Voice Actor”


Kelson Henderson as “Psychotick”

Kathryn Rawlings & Associates:

Mark Scott as “Transferer”


James Gaylyn as “General Peluso”


Mark Wright as “Argus” and “Monster Voices”


Joseph Rye as “Dream Snatcher”


Jeremy Birchall “voice/loop group”

 Robert Bruce Talent Agency:

Owen Black as “Invidious”


Frank Brown as  “Zookeeper”


David Capstick as “Unidoom” – This is unconfirmed/rumor at this point.

2008 Unidoom Power Rangers Season 20/21 Power Rangers Productions Limited, Various

*There is now word or confirmation at this point on whether David is reprising Unidoom or if he’ll be voicing an entirely new character.

Springsouth Actors Agency

Rebecca Parr as “Princess Levira”