Power Rangers Filming Returning to New Zealand?

It’s still up in the air regarding where Power Rangers will be filmed this upcoming August (Source). It’s been said a trademark was filed in South Africa. Many also knew that New Zealand workers were finding it harder and harder to keep the NZ film industry going.

The news broke of James Cameron filming the next three Avatar films consecutively in New Zealand giving thousands of those living in New Zealand jobs that they were previously moving and leaving family members behind to find. This has also called for an increase filming rebate for New Zealand from 15% to 20% of production costs to keep up with other countries and locations.

Everything is still up in the air in regards to where Power Rangers will be filming. We should be finding out soon. In my opinion, they filed for production in South Africa so the TV series will continue to film in New Zealand, while the new reboot movie could film in South Africa.

So what does this mean for Power Rangers? Right now, there’s no real answer. However, many New Zealand acting agencies have been putting forward their talent to audition for the new season, entitled Dino Charge.

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 Background Talent:

“Power Rangers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon will be shooting later this year. We are recruiting talent in preparation. If you have ever fancied running away from monsters, are you a goodie or a bade, a royal or a peasant, do you do martial arts, can you run fast, we need lots of different people, all ages, all ethnicities please apply now at www.backgroundtalent.co.nz” (Source 1, Source 2)

*Listed Sat, June 7th* “Background Talent is casting now for Power Rangers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II, Shortland Street and other local and overseas productions.” (Source)

 Kam Models and Talent:

-In response to a question asked in February:

“No im afraid… Power Rangers now films in South Africa” (Source)

However, they later on posted:

“POWER RANGERS is BACK!! Watch this space for more info / very very little details surrounding it yet.. however GREAT NEWS for everyone!! “ (Source) (This could also be referring to the movie)

 Global One Management

Our JENNIFER FINCHUM will be fighting crime down under if she lands her audition for POWER RANGERS! http://ow.ly/i/5kel2 (Source)


There have been a few actors/actresses who have put forth their auditions for Power Rangers Dino Charge such as Shamita Siva. Check out her audition below.