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Behind the Scenes

From the types of cameras used, to those working behind them, to props; get your look at how the Power Rangers series is created.


Auditions, casting announcements, for those cast as the Rangers, day players, and more to get an overall idea of what the season will entail.

Filming Locations/Pictures

Filming pictures and videos at all your usual Power Rangers locations around Auckland, New Zealand.

Power Rangers Dino Fury
(Season 28)

Follow the news all about the upcoming new seasons: Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Power Rangers Franchise

From live events, to celebrating the franchise anniversary and more, you can find all the news here.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers
(Season 26/27)

Collection of all the news following Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Also covered: Press Releases, Hasbro news, Power Rangers Movie news, and past seasons: Power Rangers Megaforce, Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

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Created in Fall 2013, The Power Scoop is dedicated to bring the Power Rangers fandom all the behind the scenes news – collected in one place.

Here to remind casual and hard-core Power Rangers fans that so many people, including the five/six core actors, work hard to bring the show they love to life.