Loyal Subjects MMPR: The Movie Figures

Source: Toy News International

It was revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2016 that The Loyal Subjects would be releasing new action vinyls of the MMPR movie characters. Toy News International has released images of those figures.


TokuNation, covered SDCC 2016, and gave a list of the figures being released:

  • T-Rex Zord with Mini Red Ranger
  • Mastadon Zord with Mini Black Ranger
  • Triceratops Zord with Mini Blue Ranger
  • Sabertooth Tiger Zord with Mini Yellow Ranger
  • Pterodactyl Zord with Mini Pink Ranger
  • Movie Red Ranger
  • Movie Blue Ranger
  • Movie Black Ranger
  • Movie Yellow Ranger
  • Movie Pink Ranger
  • Movie White Ranger

More images after the jump.

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Power Rangers Movie Zords Full Reveal Sept 24

Update 9/23/16, via PowerRangersNOW

Source: KentuckyJAM

KentuckyJAM on twitter was quick to notice (after a tip from @Rabon_Goble) , and save the image at the end of IGN’s snapchat story for today. After the reveal of new movie posters with parts of the Dinozords that will be shown in the new Power Rangers Movie, we’ll have a full look at them as they are revealed tomorrow.

Check back here tomorrow once the pictures are online.

Ninja Steel Filming Locations

Ninja Steel (seasons 24 & 25) will commence filming real soon. With filming taking place around Auckland, New Zealand once again, there are many places in and around the city that will be used to create the new city that the Rangers (Brody, Calvin, Sarah, Hayley, and Preston) will live in.

Studio West: The primary point for in-studio production. (Image from Studio Wests’s official site)

Source: AucklandNZ, Bubblegum Talent

  • September 29th, 2016
  • October 4th, 2016: Workshop scene; Mechanic/Metalwork/Building

Hobsonville Point School
Source: Bubblegum Talent

  • October 2nd, 2016
  • October 3rd, 2016

Blog Update: Categories

With some changes I have in mind coming up for The Power Scoop, I have gotten rid of the “Appearances/Cons”, “News”, “Ranger Nation”, and “Interviews” categories. The “Movie News” category is no longer under the “Power Rangers” category parent but is a separate category of it’s own.

I have also taken the time to re-route some of the categories the blog posts were in. From this point forward, all Dino Super Charge, Ninja Steel, and Reboot Movie news will go in their respective categories.

The “Power Rangers” category will hold blog posts about the show as a whole or news for other seasons that don’t have their own specific category.

-nightmere10 🙂

Power Rangers Movie Cast at NYCC and New Movie Posters

Source: Power Rangers Movie Twitter, Power Rangers Movie Facebook, and Naomi Scott

Some more Power Rangers movie news is coming sooner than you think. Today, the movie twitter, released this image, detailing a first look at the new Power Rangers movie at New York Comic Con.

October 8th, at 2pm, the movie cast will be attending a panel at The Theater, in Madison Square Garden. Coming on the backs of a rumor that the first trailer will be released October 10th, NYCC–which runs from October 6-9th–lines up with that release date.

In accordance with the panel, new pictures of the Ranger cast in suits, standing atop their zords have been released. You can view that after the jump.

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